Bring winter clothing for Burundi Refugees to 10/20 Gathering

As is the case in many US Cities, God has brought the world to our doorstep. Due to violence and genocide in Burundi, the US Government has brought over 60 refugees (that we are aware of) here to Denver. They basically have apartments for 4 months, a sofa and beds, the clothing on their backs, and some food stamps.

Burundi has an equatorial climate (find out more about Burundi on Wikipedia). This means these refugees are going to be really cold in our Colorado mountain winters.

So we are looking for people to bring their old winter coats, boots, gloves, hats, pants, etc. Micah DeKorne from the Ancient Paths Church network will be collecting the clothing and coordinating the delivery to the refugees through our contact Chris. Micah and his roomate Mark also do TAP (tea and prayer), a time focused on prayer for the world. Get the details on our house church listings map.

Thanks for your help!


Bring winter clothing for Burundi Refugees to 10/20 Gathering — 1 Comment

  1. i’m excited about tomorrow night and really think it’s awesome that we can help in meeting real needs in our community/world as we get together. i think God likes that.