A flood of new churches?

In Luke 10:2b, we are commanded “Pray that the Lord of harvest would send out laborers into his harvest field.” There is a Luke 10:2b virus going around. People are pairing up to pray this prayer daily and some have reported seeing answers weekly. After praying Luke 10:2b almost every day over the phone for a year with Randy, a friend from Indy, we have begun to see some fruit in the Denver metro area in the last several months. The passage about the patient farmer waiting for the crops to come (James 5) rebukes me. I had begun to wonder if God was hearing our daily persistent knocking. Now I am wondering if the trickle of what is happening is a prequel to what could become a flow … yikes …a flood.

In late spring, my main church planting partner, Dan Thoemke, and I began to see about one new house church starting every month. As of late, this is increasing in our part of the western subs of Denver. Recently, three new churches have started in the Green Mountain area. Two of them are big enough to make two or three more house churches. This kind of growth is coming sooner than we expected because our focus has been on carefully growing healthy churches with a strong DNA that will grow other healthy churches.

There are many more thrilling stories. One brother, who I have been meeting with for the last couple of months, has four new believers who are reaching out to their unchurched friends. Three of them are starting at least one house church in the next month. These include a former gang leader and other another gang member. Several new believers are beginning house churches from Dan Thoemke’s network. A YWAM student (Youth With A Mission) will be coaching these new believers as he is seeking to start a church in Idaho Springs.

Not only are new churches being started with new believers. We are also discovering existing networks in different places that have the same vision. Just this week we connected with a network of house churches in Boulder. We all came away pumped. With our vision already expanding for Denver, we were blown way at all that God was doing in Boulder already.