House Church Thoughts

I originally wrote this for my personal blog back on July 2, 2007.  I thought it would be nice to share here.  ~Rose

As I sat at our house church gathering yesterday I looked around the room to see who had arrived. Close to 10 of our “regulars” were gone on vacation or for some other reason. People were chatting and enjoying fellowship. We sat in an oval in the Duell’s living room. Bruce & Karen were still on vacation, but their daughter Amy had offered to host since our kitchen was all torn up. I looked around and saw people varying in age from a few months to 88 years old, various skin colors, varying economic backgrounds and in different stages of their walks with God. To my left sat a young single mom and her baby girl, a single 40yr old woman who’s impact on our youth is such a blessing, another single mom of two teenagers who are away at their dad’s house all summer, her niece visiting from Arizona and next to her a junior in high school who’s home life leaves MUCH to be desired (to say the least). Next to her sat my husband and next to him a lady in her 60’s who used to be homeless- God has done amazing things in her life and she’s such a joy to talk to. Next was a single 24 year old who blesses all with his wonderful attitude and encouraging words, next to him another young adult just graduated from college and is mentoring a few of our high school girls. Next to her was another young single adult who shared a few beautiful songs with us, next to her an 88 year old originally from Scotland who has walked with God a long time and has wonderful words of wisdom and encouragement. To hear her talk about God and pray is simply beautiful. Her son sat next to her. He is recovering from heart surgery and lives with his mom who is such a help to him. He has an amazing story of how God redeemed him from a life of drugs and self-destruction. Next to him was a man in his 50’s who is single and one of the sweetest guys you’ll ever meet. He has an amazing ability to remember scriptures, addresses and phone numbers. He recalls scriptures that are blessings to us all.

We had a beautiful time of prayer, looked into a few chapters in Revelation, discussed what God was teaching us, asked questions, tried to answer them, encouraged one another, shared a few songs and had lunch together.

Last night Micah was over to watch a movie with Desi and I. Half way through the movie we paused it to answer a phone call. We started talking about our gathering earlier that morning and how much we loved it. Micah mentioned that as he looked around at all of us gathered there, he realized that if we all went to institutional churches we’d probably all go to different churches. It’s amazing to see how God has brought us together and over the past 9 months or so how close we have gotten. I am thankful for our differences in our lives and see the handiwork of our Creator in those differences. We are learning from and encouraging one another regularly. Just wanted to give you, my blog readers (and friends), a view into one of my favorite days of the week.


House Church Thoughts — 2 Comments

  1. it is pretty exciting to see the diversity that God has brought to our house churches.
    let’s keep praying to the Lord of the harvest to see it continue.

  2. Rose, you have expressed exactly the “holy awe” I feel as apart of the Ancient Paths Church network, and house church in general. My previous experiences with church had us broken down by age or stage of life. Unfortunately I also found myself only with those from my ethnicity and social class as well.

    Praise God for the joy of experiencing unity from diversity. There are times and places for more homogeneous experiences, but what shakes a divided world is a love that unites beyond comprehension.

    Thanks for your story.