Theology of WBKWWAD

Theology of WBKWWD

This last week a phrase comes back to me repeatedly. It is a phrase from Craig Henningflied – “We barely know what we are doing” It is a – WBKWWAD

When I think of going to Africa last fall* with a three week notice, when I think of taking in a little 2 and half year old girl last year with a two day notice, when I think of going before the judge on Saturday to make it an official adoption, We barely knew/know what we are doing.

When I think of a new believer who has been in a HC for a few months and now with her boy friend have started another HC. And today I hear that she was reading her Bible at a Starbucks last week only to have another person ask her what she is doing and then join her along with a third person and because she heard about another person starting a Starbucks HC, decided this is a church too (they meet five days a week). When I think of some of the best things, we barely know what we are doing precedes them as well as continues thru the process.

When I think of a party in which all the neighborhood was invited (we forgot that some haven’t talked to each other for years due to some kind of falling out) and two estranged neighbors connect, even enjoy each other, I am glad I forgot. I think hey we should start a movie night or a book club or come up with something for every one or may be we could…. but then I hear myself trying to keep things going and make things happen …may be I should just follow/watch to see where God is leading.

WBKWWAD, maybe it is best it stays that way. Just some thoughts,

* resulted in a 100′s of house churches started, 87 by one brother alone since last November.

Jan Cowles
House Church Coach
Lakewood, Co


Theology of WBKWWAD — 3 Comments

  1. We totally love this expression WBKWWAD because it is exactly how we have felt from square one when we first entered into the house church adventure last April. And it is so new, so refreshing, so right to have this feeling of not knowing what we are doing and to feel totally OK with it. Last week, God reminded me to just “Be still (aka “cease striving”) and know that I am God” (Ps 46:10). And I had this groovy epiphany that this doesn’t just mean the times when I feel restless or anxious. It also means all of the times that we are running about, trying to take care of things or make sure things go a certain way, as far as programs or events or gatherings, etc, go. All God wants us to do is to cease striving and know that, even when (sometimes especially when) we feel like we have no clue what we are doing, that this is totally OK because it means God is in control. And this is usually where we give Him the reigns and say, “OK, God, do whatever You want!” And thus we end up throwing agendas out the window and seeing God do really great and unexpected things in every one of us. Gotta love it!

  2. Hi Jan,

    I have been trying to get a House Church started in my area for over a year now. My New Year’s resolution for 2008 is to stop trying and just follow, watch, and notice where God is leading.

    Many blessings in HIM,

    Ben Wardlaw
    Hilton Head Island, SC
    (843) 341-5066

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