Final Details: January 12th Gathering

We are excited to see you all at the gathering this Saturday night at 5pm!

This morning church leaders from around Denver gathered to pray, share, and rejoice at what God is doing. A common theme was difficult times over the holidays, how much more important that we gather to comfort and encourage one another.

Here are final details

  • Food: Brown bag it! Bring your own brown bag dinner, or you can always stop at Chipotle on the way and grab a burrito (carnitas of course :). Bring your own drinks, basically bring a self contained dinner. The coffee bar will probably be open as well.
  • Musicians: Anyone wanting to help with music (musicians, singers) come at 3:30 for practice.
  • Childcare: will be provided for children 8 and under. Please bring a few dollars to give to those who are watching the children
  • Help Setup: to help setup, come at 3:30 and we will setup tables and chairs
  • Topic: we are going to be discussing the question What have you been learning about how to listen to God as a group/church?
  • The general schedule for the night:
  • 5pm: Sharing a meal around the tables. Bring your own meal.
    5:45pm: a few songs from the worship team
    6pm: “World Cafe” We will have some key questions prepared about what God is doing in your house church, obstacles for growing healthy churches, and more. Around our tables, we will share with each other from our hearts and experience. Call it eavesdropping on the Spirit of God, it is going to be an awesome time of sharing.
    7:30pm: worship through some amazing music. If you were there last time, you will remember how wonderful it was to be in the midst of 100′s of brothers and sisters praising the Lord. We are going to sing until people don’t want to sing anymore. So stay as long or as short as you want!

  • The location is the same as last time: Hillside Community Church, 103 N Ford St, Golden, CO. However, we will be in the big room this time to avoid standing room only like last time!