Looking Back

Today at our gathering we took time to recount and remember all God has done in and through us this past year.  I was blessed to hear stories of provision, protection and guidance.  Two people were miraculously not seriously injured or killed in auto/motorcycle accidents.  Two made big job changes.  Others made moves career wise, city wise and in the pace of life.  There were times of growth for all of us.  Underlying all of these stories was God’s incredible love for us.

As I listened, I jotted down notes.  I want to start doing this at our gatherings.  I want to be able to look back at God’s goodness…see His hand in our lives.  Enjoy the story He is writing through each of us.

As I look back over 2008 I realize God has romanced me like never before (maybe it’s just that my eyes have been opened to it).  Through the reading of a few books, prayer and guidance and council of friends I have come to realize a few things.  I’ve been listening to and believing lies for a long time now.  Lies that I don’t have anything to offer, I am not attractive, and that I’m doing damage to my children.

It took me being brave enough to start talking about these things, and my community (friends and family) to listen and speak truth into my life (most of this happened in my Life Transformation Group with two other women). The truths that God has redeemed me and given me a new heart.  That I am important to Him.  That there is an enemy who wants to kill, steal and destroy.  That I am needed in my sphere of influence.  That God wants to use me in other’s lives.  That I am beautiful.  That I am loved and accepted.  That I am not ruining my kid’s lives and when I do mess up that God can redeem that.  That I can have peace on earth.  That God’s redemptive work on the cross is for today as well as eternity.

I encourage you to spend some time thinking back over 2008.  Ask God to help you remember all He’s done.  Share these God stories with each other…they are SO ENCOURAGING to hear!

How has God shown His love to you this year?

~Rose Starr


Looking Back — 2 Comments

  1. Rose, thanks for your transparency, and for reminding all of us to tell the stories of God’s faithfulness. It does such good for our hearts, our faith, and our perspective

    You are indeed a dear friend, beautiful woman, and amazing mother. It is a privilege to be part of your community!