Ideas for kids in house church

Our house church is currently 6 adults and 4 kids, so we have made a concerted effort to involve them.

I will not delve extensively here into WHY children are a blessing in church. A couple brief thoughts:
- the institutional church pattern of segregating age groups is not in the Bible
- it is a huge blessing for your children to see you worship and hear you interact with your peers
- as Neil Cole said (paraphrased), our children do not have happy meal sized Holy Spirit and a Jesus action figure. They have the real thing and have much to offer

Here are a couple of ideas from our church, and from other churches
- make a joyful noise into the Lord! We just did this today. Shakers, baking pans, wooden spoons..we sang joyful songs everyone knew and made a hilarious racket
- have a child oriented time first, then an adult time. For the kids time, you could interact around a bible passage (adults too!) or take prayer requests…you will have a great time praying for family pets, for them to get better at video games…and then be blessed when they pickup on the hurts and needs of a church member. Then the kids can go watch a movie, play wii (a big hit at our church!), or play outside while the adults have a more focused time

Those are a few of my ideas, what about you? Leave a comment on this post