Frank Viola: Book Burnings and Other Such Things

A note from Brian: whether or not you agree with this book, it raises important questions that need to be discussed. So leave a comment to this post and join the discussion.

A heart-felt “thank you” to all of you who have written me such encouraging emails and letters regarding the new book, “Pagan Christianity.” I’m so glad it’s having such an impact on so many people.If you’re following the Blogosphere, you are aware that many are writing great reviews on Pagan Christianity while others are doing their dead-level best to prevent people from reading it. (Some of which are by people who haven’t even read the book.)
Right now, some people are saying ( rather loudly) that they want this book to “go away” and “disappear.” And they are working hard at persuading people NOT to buy the book. There are even rumors about book-burnings afoot. George and I have been called a few names, including “anti-Christs” by some who hate the book.

***A Very Important Request***

Those of you who support the book and its message can help off-set the movement to discredit the book by doing something very simple. Tyndale House has suggested the following and we are asking for your help on it:

1. ORDER THE BOOK FROM AMAZON.COM on TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 12th. Please mark this down on your calendar so you won’t forget. (If I don’t write something down on my calendar, I’m prone to forget. Perhaps you’re like me.) Here’s the direct link to the book at (or go to and type in “Pagan Christianity”) If you don’t want to order online, order the book from a Borders or a Walden Books near you on that day. It’s important that you order only from these bookstores if you can’t order from Amazon.

We ask that even if you have a copy of the book (the new OR old edition), that you buy a copy from or Borders/Walden during this week. Why? Because this will help the Revolution tremendously. Orders will be counted that week. And the more orders, the more the publisher will support the book. That means, more people will read it and hear its message.

If you can’t order the book from Amazon, Borders, or Walden on February 12th (if you didn’t get this email in time for instance), then please order it from one of these stores between Wednesday, February 13th to Sunday February 16th. Again: That’s Wednesday, Feb. 13 to Sunday, Feb. 16th.

We want to see the rating get below a #100. The more people who order it on Feb. 12th, the better the chances are for that. If the book drops below #100, then the book will gain much more support by the publisher and from bookstores everywhere, which is what we want.

Click here for the direct link to the book at (or go to and type in “Pagan Christianity”) Our goal is to have 5,000 people order the book on TUESDAY, February 12th. And 10,000 orders from February 12th to the 16th. So please join us in this effort.

2. Encourage all your friends via phone and email to buy the book from on Tuesday, February 12th. If not, then have them order it Wednesday, February 13th to Sunday, February 16th.

I’ve been told by detractors that those who agree with the book are “a tiny number of disgruntled souls who have been hurt by some pastor. This book will not do well at all.”

What would happen if thousands of people bought the book from Amazon or Borders/Walden between Feb. 12th and Feb. 16th? For one thing, such statements could no longer be made. And the Revolution would pick up major momentum. We wrote “Pagan Christianity” for this very reason. To help foment a Christ-centered Revolution in the Christian faith.

Finally, if you’ve read the new version already, please send your feedback to Jeanette at We’d love to hear how the book is impacting those who read it. And if you write a review for your web site or blog, please let us know.

Thanks for your help and support in the Revolution. I’m deeply appreciative. And I look forward to seeing what the Lord will do in February. I shall keep you posted!

Your brother in the forgotten quest,


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Frank Viola: Book Burnings and Other Such Things — 2 Comments

  1. Just ordered 3 copies. I’m looking forward to reading this book. And The Shack was awesome…thanks to those who recommended it :)
    ~Rose Starr

  2. I want to help the revolution.
    But, Frank, can we do one more revision on Pagan Christianity. It’s not palatable enough.

    I LOVE LOVE what you’re trying to do, but I think the way you’re going about it is hurting more than helping – you’re creating a fight between house and non-house churches.

    We need a dialogue, not a fight. How can we create a dialogue?