Used book collection on Sunday

Instead of throwing away your used books, bring them with you to the House Church Celebration this coming Sunday (May 4th).  Alex Gallegos who is in John White’s house church is coordinating an effort to send used books to Molong Nacua who is a church planter in the Philippines.  Here’s what Alex says:  “They are in need of books. Not just Christian books, but all kinds. Encyclopedias, children’s books, self help books, How-To books, novels, you name it. That which they cannot use as a library for their churches, they can sell in order to finance their endeavors to plant more churches.”


Used book collection on Sunday — 1 Comment

  1. Question: Is it possible to mail books to you (via P.P media mail) for this book gathering effort?

    Marge Porterfield, Tampa, FL

    Please reply to THANKS!