Poll Results: What is your house church’s greatest challenge? — 1 Comment

  1. Re children:
    A big motivation behind simple church is every member participation-the priesthood of all believers. If a meeting cannot have every member participation because there are too many kids going nuts (or too many adults who are annoyed), break these down into smaller meetings…ie this could mean mom and dad have a separate meeting or two with their kids. Or have meetings with only some of your kids, and other meetings with the rest. You could hold separate meetings with adults, or the right ratio of sdults to children to ensure every member participation.

    Parenting is more challenging than ever. Adults do not have a monolithic understanding of how to parent, and often child behavior problems can carry over into the meeting. Some parents may need discipleship from more mature parents, and we need to be teachable and humble to receive godly counsel fromthe body of Christ in this area.

    If we believe in meeting in homes and the community rather than the mega church to have every member participation, we also can hold more meetings with smaller numbers to ensure both kids and adults are discipled and can participate.