Two Essential Resources

Essential resources from our brother John White:

I want to alert you to two resources that I believe you will find very helpful on your simple church journey…

The first is a new book by our friends and LK10 members, Tony and Felicity Dale.  It’s called The Rabbit and The Elephant: Why Small is the New Big for Today’s Church and it’s co-authored by George Barna.  I’ve read a pre-publication version of the book and I think it’s excellent!  It gives the larger picture of what God is doing through the simple (rabbit) church movement but also gives lots of practical advice (rabbit food) on how these churches can thrive and multiply.  See the attachment for the first chapter of the book…

Here’s a link to the book on Amazon:

The second great resource is The 2009 National House Church Conference which is in Dallas over the Labor Day Weekend.  In addition to the teaching and worship in large group settings, there will be the opportunity to sign up for one of about 10 tracks.  The LK10 Track will allow us to get to know other LK10 members, to explore in depth how simple churches can be truly transformational and to discuss how regional networks are being developed.

So, I want to encourage you to ask the Lord if he wants you to join us in Dallas.  (Early bird registration for the best price ends on June 8th).  Please also consider attending the Network Leaders Meeting which is the day before the Conference.  For more information and to register for both events, go to
Hope to see you in Dallas!
Your brother,