Yes you can

Have you ever known someone with a crippling lack of confidence? I don’t mean the nerves we all feel before tackling something new, but someone who approaches life with a cancerous belief that they do not have what it takes. Often they have had a parent, sibling, or friend who undercut them at key points in their life.

For people transitioning from the institutional church to simple church, I see a similar lack of confidence. Often for their entire life to this point, they have been in a system that tells them they are not to initiate anything without the approval of professional clergy. Many are also taught they cannot hear God’s voice for themselves, and are further reliant on the clergy for direction.

I believe that one of the most powerful things we can tell each other in organic church is “yes you can.”

You feel a passion for a prayer gathering over lunch at your office? Your heart breaks for the youth in our inner cities trapped in a cycle of violence? You feel compassion for immigrants trying to adapt to life in the US?

The only question is: then what do you want to do about it? The Lord has gifted you with all you need in His Spirit, so I know you can!