Don’t Forget About Community Resources!!

Hi Friends! Thought I would also mention that our Denver community has some amazing resources that can HELP assist our churches, Jesus’ didn’t intend for us to endure on our own…especially if there is a need among your community that is causing stress or tension and you simply just don’t know what practical steps to take. One in particular that I am very passionate about is Where Grace Abounds (WGA). It is a Chrisitian ministry that helps anyone sturggling with the gender, sexuality and/or how to have healthy relationships. This ministry is not meant to replace but to assist the church in Jesus’ ministry of restoration! They offer 1x week support groups and the staff also offer educational talks/seminars to the community. If your church is battling issues around sexuality or relationships and is needing some Chrisitian guidance on how to help support, walk along side, or aid in the healing process please don’t hesitate to call WGA!! They would be more than willing to help!! Call 303-863-7757 and you can ask to speak to Roger. You can also email me direclty at as I volunteer weekly for this minstry and would be glad to help as well!

Keep pressing into Jesus’