The beauty of kids in church

This past Sunday we were praying over a deep brokenness that had surfaced in the life of one of our friends. He was weeping as we all laid hands on Him and prayed for God’s restoration.

One of the children who is very sensitive to the Spirit and others emotions came over. She made the rounds, giving long tender hugs to each person.

What a powerful demonstration of God’s love and a reason to be thankful for kids in church.


The beauty of kids in church — 1 Comment

  1. brian,
    thanks for sharing this my friend.
    i really think there are so many more times than we realize where God is revealing Himself to us than we often notice because of our business. we take for granted things like the hugs of our friends, or something good happening to us or a beautiful day as just the way things are when in fact I believe God is revealing a little more of His nature, His love and goodness to us in all these things. we just don’t see it because we’ve conditioned our minds to often live our lives like practical deists, theologically espousing to believe that God interacts with us but living as though, if it’s to be it’s up to me. He is not the One who simply spun our world like a top and only interferes if there is something big.
    He is the God who is there. The God who cares. The God who sees us in our brokenness and our struggles and still sent Jesus to die in our place because He is so especially fond of us. He is the God who sees us in our pain and emotional struggles and doesn’t find this as too small a thing to interact with us. No, His heart is filled with compassion for us and the wholeness that He has for us. He wraps His arms around us and even knows when we need someone with “skin on” and sends His little ones to be His arms that hug us and look at us with love.
    God, thank you for your incredible love.
    Emma, thanks for having a tender heart and being the arms of God that wrap around us in love when He directs you. Don’t ever lose that.