Colorado House Church at Heaven Fest 2010!

On Saturday, July 31st, volunteers from Colorado House Church will have a booth at Heaven Fest 2010!  

Have you ever wanted to know more about what is house church?  Or maybe Jesus has been speaking to your heart on joining or starting a house church?  We would love and be blessed to have you visit our booth for dialog and have your questions answered.


Heaven Fest is a Christian Music Festival happening near Denver, Colorado.  Thousands and Thousands of people from all over Colorado, Wyoming, New Mexico, Utah Nebraska and Kansas will be coming to Denver to see over 70 bands and artists perform on 7 stages with 7 interactive areas.  For ticket information, CLICK HERE.


Colorado House Church at Heaven Fest 2010! — 2 Comments

  1. I met Robbie at Heaven Fest, very warm and kind man of and about the Lord. I agree with this idea as it was the way church was and can still be done. Prayers lifted for the advancement of this rediscovered way of fellowshipping and learning together.