Are legacy churches embracing multi-generational ministry? Start by including the poor

Are our brothers in sisters in legacy churches beginning to see the wisdom in integrated, multi-generational churches?

Cornerstone has been structured around reaching out to people based on their age, life-stage, and interests. While we are excited about all that God has accomplished at Cornerstone through various life-stage ministries over the years, after much assessment, prayer, and studying of the Scriptures, we have come to strongly believe that the body of Christ is NOT supposed to be divided unnecessarily along age, gender, or life-stage lines.

I would also add that the book of James makes it clear they shouldn’t be divided among socioeconomic lines either. Despite the geographical economic segregation of many cities, in a 1-2 mile radius of any church you would likely have quite an economic range.

By including the poor you will naturally see age diversity in churches. In my experience the poor are more multi-generational in how they live and relate to family and friends, a beautiful blessing for those of us raised in the middle or upper socioeconomic classes.

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