Genesis 1-11: Introduction to Everything

School on the Way presents an intimate and interactive look at Genesis 1-11: Introduction to Everything taught by Jan Cowles.

We will explore the wild and terrible, wonderful and mysterious scenes of Genesis.

Among other things you will:

  • Learn the difference between Greek and Hebrew thinking
  • Find out what God thinks of us (this alone could turn our world up side down)
  • Read Genesis in the context of ancient cultures and stories.
  • Understand the best translations (and options) of the original language
    Hear what others through the centuries have said as they have read/listened to Genesis.
  • Listen to what God is saying to and through each other.

Where we will meet? Green Mountain in  Lakewood (Cowles’ household)
When? Wednesday nights 6:45 – 9:00, April 20th – May 25th

For additional details, including contact information and costs, please visit