Are legacy churches embracing multi-generational ministry? Start by including the poor

Are our brothers in sisters in legacy churches beginning to see the wisdom in integrated, multi-generational churches? Cornerstone has been structured around reaching out to people based on their age, life-stage, and interests. While we are excited about all that … Continue reading

VIDEO: School on the Way with Jan Cowles

What would seminary and leadership training look like done the “house church way?” Listen to co-founder Jan Cowles talk about “School on the Way.” It exists to train and release teachers for the purpose of equipping house churches for the … Continue reading

Like a pendulum: Teaching and music under emphasized in simple church

Like the swinging of a pendulum, it is my observation that those gifts which have been overemphasized in the institutional church have been under emphasized in simple church. Because these gifts have been expressed in the institutional church as the … Continue reading

How can simple churches and institutional churches work together?

As I have gathered with other leaders from around metro Denver, a question that has come to us for 2009 is: “How can simple churches and institutional churches work together? (I especially want to hear from YOU the readers of … Continue reading